dirt|y «DUR tee», adjective, dirt|i|er, dirt|i|est, verb, dirt|ied, dirt|y|ing, adverb.
1. soiled by dirt; unclean: »

dirty hands.

2. that makes dirty; soiling: »

a dirty job.

3. Figurative. not clean or pure in action, thought, or speech: »

a dirty joke.

4. Figurative. low; mean; vile: »

a dirty, low-down rascal. Politics is neither “sweetness and light” nor “too dirty to get into” (New York Times).

SYNONYM(S): base.
5. not clear or pure in color; clouded: »

a dirty red.

6. stormy or windy; rough: »

The hurricane was the dirtiest weather I ever saw. It begins to look very dirty to windward (Frederick Marryat).

7. being on drugs; using drugs: »

Two weeks ago four new men came into the group meeting and each admitted he was then “strung-out.” Each was given 10 days to appear on the list as “clean.” At the meeting 10 days later each was “dirty” (London Times).

8. causing a great amount of radioactive fallout: »

dirty bombs.

to make dirty; soil; pollute: »

Don't dirty your new dress by playing outside in this wet weather.

to become dirty or soiled: »

A white shirt will dirty faster than a dark one.

Informal. dirtily: »

to fight dirty.

Synonym Study adjective. 1 Dirty, filthy, foul mean unclean. Dirty means soiled in any way: »

dirty shoes. Children playing in mud get dirty.

Filthy, often implying an attitude of disgust, suggests being extremely dirty, covered or stained with greasy or sticky dirt or littered with trash: »

a filthy kitchen. In some cities and towns the streets are filthy.

Foul implies still greater disgust and suggests being filled or covered with filth or with something unhealthy, impure, or rotten: »

The water in the swamp is foul.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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